Martin Luther Alone Christ Alone Grace Alone Analysis

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Martin Luther demonstrated his love for Christ through the five A’s; Scripture Alone, Christ Alone, God Alone, Faith Alone, and Grace Alone. Scripture alone means he puts his faith solely in what the bible has taught. Christ alone means he trusts Jesus in everything he did and follows his every request. God alone means he has faith that God will help him through any challenge he may face. Faith alone means he fully trusts all of these subjects. Finally, grace alone is about being merciful and reasonable. Martin Luther expressed these character traits many times through his history. Firstly, Martin’s ability to put his faith in scripture is barely even human. He put all of his trust in the bible, which is where he looks to for answers. An example of this is when the church threatened him with excommunication. The Catholic Church told the people he was a heretic who was making up lies, but they didn't once bring up the verse that proved him so. Martin Luther …show more content…
He trusted God with all of his might and everything he did shows that. To stand up to the Catholic Church like that was very brave, but it was through his trust in God that he achieved such bravery. The fact that he even had the willpower to become a monk and study the bible says a lot about him and his faith. In his humble origins, Martin was beginning to doubt God. He believed that the Catholics believed in an evil God, and he didn't want to worship an evil God. Just as he was beginning to lose faith, he read what the bible truly said about God and he realized he was wrong. He began to trust God in everything he did, such as when he went to court and stood up to the pope. Martin also mentioned that God is not a physical relic, but that he is a powerful and spiritual force that can’t be observed. All of the things the Catholic Church had that symbolized God wasn't necessary, because you were supposed to put your faith in God instead of praying to gold and

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