Character Analysis Of Hale In The Crucible

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Nothing is permanent but change
This quote could be a great definition about the character Reverend Hale in “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller. Hale is a very dynamic character, who changed his own beliefs that first appeared to be really strong and defined through all the play.During the story, there’s a great evolution in Reverend Hale, that started feeling a hero who will save Salem from witchcraft but finally, he felt so guilty.
When Hale first appeared, he had just arrived in Salem because Parris, Salem’s Reverend, called him to look for any type of witchcraft there as he was considered as an expert of the devil’s world. The reader can see his haughty attitude when he acted like he knew all about witches and carried with him all types
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Another event that holds up the proud character of Reverend Hale is when the girls started to accuse innocent people and Betty woke up, he thought and shouted that he had free the girls, “Glory to God! It’s broken, they are free!” (45). When Hale said that, he was trying to make the people see his ability by making the girls “confess”. But the reader will see how his heroic feelings don’t last forever.
In Act 2, Hale started to see that something there was not correct, but he still believed in Salem’s witchcraft although he started having doubts. That’s why he went to Proctor’s house, for having his own opinion and conclusion. “No-no, I come of my own, without the court’s authority . I know not if you are aware, but your wife’s name is mentioned in the court” (60), this shows that Reverend Hale is trying to know Proctor’s family by his own, because he may suspected something was going wrong with the accusations, but still, his pride didn’t allow him to see the truth, that’s why when Proctor said that Abigail was a sagacious girl that was pretending everything, he said, “Don’t blame Abigail”(69) , because like him, she declared that there were witches so if he didn’t defend her, everybody would have known he wasn’t such a devil’s expert, but he was a very proud man who wanted to maintain his
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I think in all justice you must”(80). Here, Hale was talking to the main judge of the court so it’s a clear example of his disagreement with the court. It’s a very important quote because Hale told Danforth what he should do and until that moment, that hasn’t happened because it would be seen as an act against the court.
Later, in the play, there’s a turning point where Reverend Hale definitely opposed the court when all was going in the wrong direction: the court believed the girls, Proctor denied to make a false confession and although Hale tried his best, the court didn’t believe him, so he shouted, “I denounce these proceedings! I quit this court!” (111). This is maybe the most important Hale’s quote, because in front of everybody he showed his opposition with the witchcraft in Salem, which means that now everyone was going to think he was a liar, but now he didn’t care about losing his

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