Chapter Summas: The Story Of The Journey To Minos

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Jayna had hardly slept in two days, she had intended on resting only until noon, then she, the unicorn and 23 would began the journey to Minos. The sun was low in the sky when Jayna was awakened by a shout, the neighing of the unicorn and the sound of a sword being drawn from its scabbard. She leapt to her feet and drew her own sword. A big human male with a sword squared off against 23, while a short man with his back to her, with broad shoulders and long arms faced off against Corny with a pole.
Jayna yelled, “STOP!”
The would be combatants paused and looked her way.
The big man shouted, “JAYNA!”
The short man said, “See I told you she wasn 't dead.”
That 's when Jayna noticed he had an extra eye.
23 lowered his club and said, “Goddess, what would you have me do?”
Jayna was confused, the newcomers knew her by name, but she didn 't know them. Then she realized here was her chance to get some answers.
“Leave us 23, I must speak to these two alone.”
“But Goddess!
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Why can 't I remember?”
“I don 't know Jayna, maybe there are some things you don 't want to remember, maybe it 's for the best. I...,”
Henry choked up and couldn 't continue, he rose to his feet and walked away. Jayna looked questioningly at Elmer, when he said nothing she prodded him.
“Tell me about Henry, is he my boyfriend or something?”
Elmer sighed and said, “He 's more than that Jayna, much more. He 's the man who stood up for you, when others wanted to condemn you, he 's the man who saved you when even you yourself thought you were beyond saving. He loved you when you thought you were unlovable. He lifted you out of misery and made you happy.”
Jayna felt a stirring of a memory, “He said I was a damsel in distress, when …, when...,”
Jayna clenched her fists and held them up against her head, “NO! I am NOT Alecto, I am NOT the Goddess of Vengeance. That man! He..., NO! That 's the past, he 's a dead man in the dead past..., HENRY! He loves me and I LOVE HIM! I 'M

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