Essay on Chapter Five Of Leadership By Rudolph Giuliani

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In chapter five of Leadership, Rudolph Giuliani discusses the importance of surrounding yourself with great people. He explains that by doing this, you end up working with an effective team that gets things done, which means the leader does not have to “hector or micromanage” (98). Right off the bat, he gives the example of 9/11 and how because he had such a great team of people, he as the leader was able to truthfully tell the public that progress was being made. He also says his first priority when filling a job position is to “find the person best suited for the job. Period” (99). He explains that he did not hire anyone just because they donated to him or helped with his campaign. To be hired, they had to have the skills for the job because if he had someone working for him that didn’t, that would hurt him and his entire team in the long run. Another aspect of surrounding yourself with great people, he says, is to know not only the strengths and weaknesses of people you are working with, but also your own. That way, a leader can “surround himself with complementary staff” (110). For example, he says one person he works very well with is Denny Young because Young considers every possible option before making a decision, while Giuliani says he can make hasty decisions sometimes. Basically, they balance out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. One of the last points he makes in this chapter is on motivating employees by giving them challenges. He explains that this makes…

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