Giuliani Leadership Chapter 14 Analysis

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In chapter 14 of Leadership, Giuliani states, “Organize around a purpose” (299). He uses the example of founding the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) to demonstrate this lesson. After the depressing death of Elisa IIzquierdo, a little girl who died because she was living in an unsafe and abusive home, Giuliani knew he had to reform the Child Welfare Administration and had Howard Wilson investigate how to improve it. Wilson decided the best way was to make CWA its own administration, hence the founding of ACS. Giuliani explains that they discovered this because they asked, “What’s the mission here? What are the goals” (301). After that, he says to “assess and analyze your resources” (306). Following these steps leads to creating organizational structure. After that, he says to “identify …show more content…
He talks about multiple successful efforts by the government to help families of victims, such as setting up the family Assistance Center. He uses this story of recovery to teach a few lessons. He says, “A leader should be anticipating all the time” (359), like he anticipated the prejudice that would appear as a result of the attacks, which allowed him to prevent violence against Arabs in the city. He also explains that in a crisis it was his job to lead, but also that “Leaders are human” (361) and have feelings. Another lesson he gives is that “A big part of leadership is consistency” (362), which is why he attended a wedding just a few days after 9/11 to show that “Life must go on” (363). Finally, Giuliani concludes the book by saying leaders have to harness their passion to achieve their goals, while also keeping a hold of their humanity. He feels anger at the attacks and terrorists, and that is human and healthy. In his final line, he eloquently states, “The challenge was to put [that anger] to work in ways that would make me a stronger, better leader”

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