Chapter Eight Analyzes The Fulfillment And Transformation Of The Davidic Covenant

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Kinship ch 8
Chapter eight analyzes the fulfillment and transformation of the Davidic Covenant in Luke-Acts. Davidic themes in Luke are examined from the infancy narratives through the preaching in Acts. Attention is given to the institution narrative, in which Jesus shares His authority with the Apostles. This is solidified through the restoration of the Apostolic college and the sending of the Holy Spirit. With this authority they rule, through service, in remembrance of the paschal mystery, that is the Sacred Liturgy. Where the Liturgy is celebrated the King is present, so is the Kingdom, and so is the New Covenant.
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CBD “Versions” While the Bible was originally written in the language of its readers, mostly in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, circumstances arose which called for various translations. As knowledge of the languages decreased, paraphrased editions of the Old Testament began to emerge, namely teh Targums. The Old testament was translated entirely into Greek in the influential translation called the Septuagint. As Latin came to be the dominant language the Vulgate was composed. Partial transactions into english arose in the middle ages. Slowly entire english translations began to surface within protestantism and then within Catholicism. Word count: 92
Apocrypha from Geisler Protestants and Catholics have different list of canonical text. The principle reason why the Catholic Church proposes the use of the Apocrypha within their canon is…

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