Essay on Chapter 29 Study Guide

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Ch. 29 Study Guide
1.Hitler's "master race" reserved intense hatred for -Jews
2.The German Blitzkrieg meant, literally, -Lightening War
3.The slogan repeated in fascist Italy was - "Il Duce (the leader) is always right."
4.Which of the following scientific and technological innovations were not spurred by World War II? -tanks
5.The stock market crash of 1929 turned into -the deepest, most widespread depression in history.
6.The Holocaust is estimated to have killed ________ Jews. - 6 million
7.If the allies had agreed sooner to allow the Japanese to retain the emperor -the war might have ended without the use of the atomic bomb.
8.The key to victory in the Pacific Ocean was -aircraft carriers
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21.On December 7, 1941 - Japanese planes bombed the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor.
22.Which group was not murdered by the Nazis in the interest of "racial purity?" -Aryans
23.Soviet deaths during World War II numbered between ________ million. -20 and 25
24.How did the Nazi takeover of Germany affect Stalin's Second Five-Year Plan? - Stalin intended to produce consumer goods but decided to produce arms instead.
25.Which of the following was not a result of increased United States production during World War II? -the economy performed at a minimal level.
26.The main cause of environmental stress during World War II was the -economic development that sustained the fighting.
27.At Nanjing, the Japanese troops raped -20,000 Chinese women.
28.The final defeat of Japan took longer than victory over Germany in large part because -the United States had concentrated its efforts on Germany
29.The effect of the Depression on non-industrial nations was -very uneven
30.The major powers at the Munich Conference in 1938 - allowed Hitler to annex Czechoslovakian territory.
31.Italy's fasci di combattimento initially comprised mainly -unemployed veterans and violent youths
32.An example of Stalinist terror in the 1930s was the -secret police arresting people accused of party disloyalty.
33.Over ______

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