Chapter 11 : Application Portfolio Management Essay

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Chapter 11: Application Portfolio Management
1. The CIO is concerned about the ever increasing cost of maintaining the inventory of IT applications in the organization. He has asked you to meet to discuss why this proliferation of applications is occurring?
One of the main causes of the ever-growing costs of upholding different technologies, is simply that they are not being disposed when they are stop being relevant. A number of these applications provide obsolete functionality or are redundant when compared to more modern systems. The amount of IT tools is continually growing and none or significantly few are being discarded. While on the other hand, the allocated budget remains constant. The causes for not discarding obsolete applications are not the same for all companies. Some companies have personnel that refuses to get rid of certain IT tools or in other situations the IT staff doesn 't adequately transmit the necessity of doing so.
2. The CIO has heard of some IT organizations using “Portfolio Perspective” to manage the number of IT application in their organizations and has asked you to research this approach and discuss your findings with him. Specifically discuss the 3 primary benefits of APM.
1)Visualization: The Portfolio Perspective permits to trace where cost are coming from, therefore making it simpler to identify the amount of value being generated by different initiatives. Consequently, the tools that are perceived as not returning the desired value…

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