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Audubon made crayon portraits (drawings of individual people) for $5 per portrait. Then he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he became a taxidermist (one who stuffs and mounts the skins of animals) in the Western Museum. He set out down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, exploring for new birds and paying his expenses by painting portraits. In 1824 Audubon went to Philadelphia to find a publisher. He met with opposition, however, from the friends of Alexander Wilson (1766–1813), the other major American ornithologist with whom Audubon had begun a bitter rivalry in 1810. Audubon finally reached an agreement with a London publisher, and in 1827 volumes of Birds of America began to appear. It took eleven years in all for the publication and reprinting’s of all the volumes. The success of Audubon's bird drawings brought him immediate fame, and by 1831 he was considered the leading naturalist of his country, despite the fact that he possessed no formal scientific training.

Audubon is famous for his studies, drawings and paintings of North American birds.


How has your scientist’s accomplishment benefitted the world today:

Audubon gave the world the first collection of American birds drawn in their own natural habitats. It encouraged and inspired others to do the same. When others did the same they discovered other birds, new birds.


Mathematics was
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