Chapter 10 From Organizational Behaviors ( Uhl Bein, Schermerhorn, And Osborn

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Reading Chapter 10 from Organizational Behaviors (Uhl-Bein, Schermerhorn, and Osborn) resonated with me a professional standpoint as to the types of conflict we are exposed to and the results usually are negative to the persons and company involved. The primary issue in my opinion results in lack of communication, and misaligned management or styles, applied to the job function or tasks. Regardless of what or how we feel, if we decide to remain employed in the current job or future jobs, there will always be conflict. We need to review and reflect what we have control over such as attitude and behavior to sustain in our jobs.

With the various types of conflict you can see the results of a dysfunctional team by reviewing anonmimous surveys provided by the organization and compare to other lines of business within the organization. Resources, good employees, missed opportunities, loss of revenue, and professional growth is to name a few of the negative aspects of conflict. I prefer to flavor everything with a positive outlook and think of conflict as a piece of sand becoming lodged in a clam causes a type of stress and discomfort. With this discomfort, it forces clams or us to grow and learn to adapt to our never ending environment. By exposing ourselves and willing to see different points of view, not only will the corporation prosper, but we too increase our personal investment like a savings account or bond. Improving our listening skillset and…

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