Changi Airlines Value Chain Analysis

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According to Porter’s value chain, it is a set of activities to analyze business in order to carries out and add values to the product and service of the organization and its customers. Changi Airport examines all of its activities based on the general purpose value chain concept. This activities performed to evaluate the primary activities of company from supporting service in which involved in the costs, affects profits, sale transfer and after sale assistance of the products, for example logistic, outbound logistic, operations, sales, marketing and other different services. According to Graham, 2004, supporting activities allow primary activities to be performed such as the process of procurement, technological development, human resources and infrastructure. The value chain of air transport is illustrated in (Firgure 1), enable Changi Airport to create and add value to the activities in every steps that allow the customers to have the memorable experience travelling at Changi Airport.
The first primary activity is inbound logistic, which is also the core task of Changi Airport to maintain,
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