Changes Of Housing Design And Density Development Essay

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1. Changes in public housing designs
In response and adaptation to the dynamic pace of physical and socio-economic development in the country, changes to housing design and density has been introduced and implemented over the years in the National Housing Program. These include changes from low to high density housing (4 units per acre to 12 units per acre) and introduction of semi-detached and terrace houses. Land allocated to eligible applicants has been reduced from two acres in the 1950’s to 0.08 - 0.125 acres in the present scheme. The housing program of 2007-2012 has embarked on a shift from detached houses to mix housing types that include semi-detached to terrace house. In 2014, a new design was introduced in public housing in the form of cluster housing. Future housing development will comprise of very high density property (24 units per acre) for sub-urban area and vertical or high rise apartment (up to 40 units per acre) for prime and strategic location areas.

The shift from detached to terrace housing
Interestingly, all housing built by the HDD had either been detached or semi-detached. Terrace housing was introduced by a different government linked agency, the Brunei Economic Development Board. BEDB became involved with national housing to solve the backlog and the long waiting list of HDD’s national housing. According to the HDD officer, it was said that HDD was not allowed to build terrace houses. Many proposals had been sent to the prime minister’s office…

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