Change The Legal Driving Age Essay

1045 Words Jan 28th, 2015 null Page
Change the Legal Driving Age It is being continually expressed by the older generations that we as teens are reckless, thoughtless, and dangerous drivers. That we are just causing more problems for our parents, pedestrians, and other drivers as well. We are destroying the meaning of ‘safe’ of in our towns with our accidents and problems. The solution the ‘adults’ have come up with is to possibly change the legal driving age to a higher age. To change it from sixteen to eighteen would be a completely plausible and intellectual solution. As a teenager myself, I have to completely disagree. Not only would changing the driving age cause more problems at college, it would cause significantly more problems the parents. And lets not forget who are teaching these ‘radical and insubordinate teenage drivers’; the very same people who are saying we cause to many accidents and are dangerous, To begin, changing the driving age to eighteen would cause significant problems for students trying to go to college. How is a student to drive to say Northwest Community College in Powell Wyoming, an hour and a half away from yours truly? Now that is not a terrible distance to drive at all. That is to say, if you have already been driving for two or three years. Then it is quite easy to accomplish. If at eighteen years old though you are just finally getting a license, you are not near as experienced as you could be. And the sad thing is you cannot have mommy or daddy drive you to and from…

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