Change Management : The Middle Managers And Front Line Supervisors

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Change management is a structured process and set of tools for leading the people- side of change to reach the desired outcome (change-management, 2015, line 56). People use change management to reduce and manage resistance to change. Change management has some obstacles such as the middle managers and front line supervisors resisting the change, lacking support from middle management, and lacking of prioritization. The strategies for change management include acknowledging the resistance and its root cause, addressing the root cause and careful listening to the need to continue to act. Resistance the change
The middle managers and front line supervisors resist the change because they do not know the reasons why change is happening, they lose of control work processes and they fear their job securities are threat ().
They do not know the reasons of change. They do not know if the new ways are good for them or not. The old ways are so simple, so they do not want to change. The reasons are not clear to them, so they are confused why their boss want to change. They lose power to control. The middle managers and front line supervisors worry they lose of control of work processes, because they believe someone will take over their authorities and power from them, when the change happens. They think their boss will not trust or believe in them. The boss will assign more tasks to the new managers or…

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