Essay about Change Management Plan

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Change Management Plan
Life in the 21st century is all about change. People face change in some fashion in their personal and professional lives almost on a daily basis. How successful they are in both our personal and professional lives depend a great deal on how easily they can adapt to these changes. Organizations are also susceptible to frequent and oftentimes rapid changes. CrysTel, a telecommunications company, is just such an organization. CrysTel faces both technological and administrative changes regularly due to the telecommunication industry’s rapid and frequent advances. CrysTel employs 2,500 employees and offer products such as data cables, wireless solutions, and network development. (Apollo Group Inc, 2004)
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679) The three components of a systems model are inputs, target elements of change, and outputs. (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2004, p. 679) Inputs consist of internal forces such as the organizations strengths and weaknesses as well as external forces such as any organizational opportunities and threats posed by any outside forces such as customers and competitors. Target elements of change consist of five components that may be changed within the organization : 1) organizing arrangements such as policies, procedures, roles, structure, rewards, and physical settings 2) goals which consist of desired and results, priorities, standards, resources, linkage throughout the organization 3) people, which consist of their knowledge, ability, attitudes, motivations and behavior 4) methods which consist of processes, work flow, job design, and technology 5) social factors such as organization culture, group processes, interpersonal interactions, communication, and leadership. Outputs consist of organizational level, department or group level and individual level. (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2004, p. 680)
During the input stage of change CrysTel has identified the external forces, the frequent and rapid technological and administrative advancements and the opportunity to become a leader in the industry by taking the lead in those advancements. CrysTel’s consultant has able to identify the internal forces, the strengths and weaknesses of each department within the organization, and took steps to

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