Change And Continuity Over Time Essay

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David Timmerman Global History 2 Honors
Change and Continuity over Time Essay

For many centuries of human history, clean water was a luxury that was difficult to find. That was a problem, considering the fact that humans need water to survive. So, a large part of humanity’s advancements were spurred by a desire to have clean beverages to drink. From the dawn of civilization until today, six of these beverages have advanced civilizations in subtle, yet powerful, ways. These six drinks are beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea, and cola. Each one was a hallmark of a different era of civilization. Beer was the defining drink of the ancient civilizations of the Fertile Crescent, the cradle of civilized society. The Fertile Crescent extends
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Their influence can be felt all over the world, and a large part of it was due to their staple beverage, tea. Regularly brewed in China since the third century A.D, tea was introduced to Britain in the seventeenth century and soon exploded in popularity. The immense demand for tea in Britain caused the nation to conquer large portions of East Asia, and even vest sovereign power in the British East India Company. Wars were declared and atrocities committed so that Britain could gain access to enough tea to meet the demand of their empire. Taxation on tea was even the last straw for the British colonists in the New World, bringing them to declare independence and secede from the British Empire. Tea did more than just incentivize Britain to become a massive imperial power, though. It also fueled the working class during a time when Britain was industrializing. Regular tea breaks gave factory workers the energy to manufacture more products, strengthening Britain’s already colossal economy. Tea also functioned as a sort of water purification system, with water being boiled to brew it. This was a large benefit for hygiene in a time where people were living in close quarters. Tea was the engine that kept Great Britain – and by extension the United States – running. It was a large part of why Britain became the globally influential power that it …show more content…
In the nineteenth century, soft drinks were experimented with medicinally, and they eventually took hold as social beverages. As America’s influence spread, so did the presence of Coca-Cola. As American troops were spread across the world, Coca-Cola went with them. Because of this, the drink came to symbolize America in the minds of the world. To those who were pro-America, Coca-Cola symbolized the free market, freedom of speech, and a society where everyone could have a voice. As the Berlin Wall fell, one of the first things East Germans reached for was Coca-Cola. To the nation’s opponents, the drink was associated with a cutthroat society where the rich get richer and the poor suffer. As America began the invasion of Iraq, Thai Muslims were seen pouring Coca-Cola on the streets. In these anti-American countries, Pepsi was seen as a more favorable alternative. But, whether it was loved or hated, Coca-Cola was a brand known worldwide and a universal symbol of the global economy. As globalization is pushed further and America’s influence continues to spread, Coca-Cola will only become more symbolically powerful and universally

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