The Great Awakening Dbq

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Great Awakening 1730-1740

The Great Awakening helped lead to the American Revolution because it made the colonists realize that they could have the religious power in their own hands rather than in those of the Church of England. The colonists started to develop a vision of freedom from British rule

French and Indian War 1754 – 1763
The French and Indian war influenced the American Revolution because the British victory in the war had a great impact on the British Empire. First it meant an expansion of the British colonies. But the problem was the cost of the war, it had made Britain even more in debt. The war generated resentment towards the colonists among English leaders. These factors combined to make many English leaders in the colonies
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After the 7 years war the British needed money. They taxed the colonists by making them pay a tax on every piece of paper they used. This made the colonists really really angry. This anger helped spark the American Revolution which made the British pay for the troops to go back and fight the colonists.

Stamp Act Congress 1765
The Stamp Act Congress meet in New York to say how they wanted to have a say in Parliament and how they disagreed with the taxes against them. They wanted their rights and to be able to have a say in government. The British would not accept that and further more got the colonist angrier and wanting to fight for their freedom.

Declaratory Act 1766
The Declaratory Act basically said that British parliament had power to the colonies in all cases whatsoever. The declaration stated that Parliament's authority was the same in America as in Britain. The colonies were not at all happy with that and as I have said in all of the others these colonists were going to explode in to rage and war.

Townshend Act (Duties)
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An angry mob of colonists. The mob were protesting the Townshend acts, the British soldiers fired on them killing five protesters. The death made most of the colonists outraged. Of corse the loyalists were fine because they only really cared about trading with England.

Tea Act 1773

The Tea Act’s main purpose was not to raise money from the colonies but to bail out the East India Company, a key part of the British economy. The British government gave the East India rights to be the only company to sell tea. They could raise prices and mess with the colonist’s rights. It was supply and demand. If only one company could sell tea and people wanted it they could raise as high as they wanted.

Boston Tea Party 1773
The Boston Tea Party was in reaction to the Tea Act. Men tossed tea overboard worth a lot of money. The British could have saved them selfs if they would have not been in so much dept. But in a way they had to go to war with France. After the war they just handled their problems in the wrong way. What did they think would happen if they kept taxing the same people over and over again. Nothing good I can tell you much. The Boston Tea Party was going to happen eventually. You can’t keep getting the same people angry over and over again. They will eventually have enough of it and they will

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