Essay about Challenges of Working with Young Adults

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The challenge of working with young people relating to promoting positive sexual health

Teenage pregnancies and early parenthood have been recognised to be associated with poor health and social exclusion. There have been debates on whether teen mothers and their children are the consequences of the teen mother’s age or socially disadvantaged circumstances
Sexual health is a subject that’s affects many counries, especially when young people are being infected with STIs, it a subject of amusement, fear, embarrassment and complexity.

unplanned pregnancies that will force most young girls out of school and being lone parents or which is a burden to health services and the economy, most of these young women end-up having more than one
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According to the health protection agency (2008), 270,702 Chlamydia screening were performed around England to under 25 in 2007, 9.5% of women and 8.4% screened tested positive to Chlamydia. In that same year, 49,250 cases of genital warts were recorded, 7% increase from 2006 and 702 young people tested positive to HIV, which counted for 11% of new diagnosis.

. This shows how Britain as a nation has failed to meet the sexual health needs of young people, a combination of inadequate sex education at either ay home or at school, the failure of young people to attend sexual health clinics that provide confidential advice and the lack of trust, openness and honesty within societies concerning sexual issues leading teenagers to have unprotected intercourse without adequate information Hadley (1998). In retaliation to the increase of teenager pregnancies and STI infections the government’s national Strategy Tracking Surveys March (2006), showed that 29% of young women and 28% of young men aged 16-21 reported they have started having sexual intercourse under the age of 16 and the percentage of people having unprotected sex decreased from 885 in2004 to 78% for women. The percentage of young people obtaining contraceptive advice before first intercourse also decreased for men and. Although conception rates for women under

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