Challenges Of Gender Inequality

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The challenges of gender inequalities in the world today are consistent with the pre-civilization socio-cultural divergence. Ethnic/tribal, religious, gender and resource-scarcity used to be the extreme dichotomies between two tribes, causing them fight each other. Today, the paradigm has changed, inequalities have expanded beyond imagination. It 's now possible to subdivide gender inequality by itself into many categories, such as Frontline combat, violence, land ownership, family inheritance right, freedom of marriage, divorce right, citizenship, custody right, freedom of mobility, access to education, wage/professional development, the list goes on. Although gender inequality is not the only prejudice, we grapple with since civilization; …show more content…
His central thesis is that women have been traditionally excluded from warfare, not because of the traditional prejudice about aggressiveness or physical strength, but because of ideological contradiction arising in marital systems that women cannot bear the requirements of warfare. He describes the conflict of interest as when a woman is married into a tribe or village that may later become a war enemy of her paternal tribe. If the woman were allowed to fight in such war, she would have a conflict of interest, as she would be fighting for, alongside her husband and against her family. I agreed that to avoid the issue of conflict of interest women may be excused from warfare. It 's a logical way of keeping women off the battlefield. Advanced countries like the U.S, applies a similar measure whenever a foreigner joined it military and required a security clearance. The foreign-born service-member is required to denounce his/her birth country’s citizenship to avoid conflict of interest should the United States goes to war with the

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