Health Care Today: A Case Study

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Health care today is different than it was years ago. Health care makes new changes every single day. There are shifts taking place between providers and consumers, challenges that happen daily, and how health care is handling these challenges. Over the years, health care will continue to grow and change. Planning and following strategies will help the hospitals to be more successful for years and years to come. There will be less/more workers added/removed from the hospitals. Many years ago health care did not have the technology that it has today. Technology plays an important role in health care and it helps to improve the care of the consumers. It will help hospitals to look further in the future to better fulfill the company’s needs in …show more content…
Technology changes from day-to-day and it is hard sometimes for the hospitals to keep up with the change of the technology and the cost of the technology. To help hospitals to adapt to these changing technologies and equipment, whether it be a few years old or brand new, it comes back to their budget. They must keep a record and make any changes necessary to accommodate these changes to their budget to help get what the hospitals need in order to keep running their organization to its supreme fullest. According to “Brave New World: Overcoming New Healthcare Challenges With Top IT Talent: (2013), “Collaborative, multifunctional, over-arching business processes are being put in place to ensure that individual departments and sites are in sync with the greater organizational goals, strategies, and policies” (para. 3).This means that the organization must come together and make sure all employees are working towards the common …show more content…
They will always have to tackle new and hard challenges but they can be tackled when the organization comes together as a whole. Health care is an ever changing organization. It must utilize the advancements in the technology it uses. It also must utilize their resources to hire the most talented individuals that they can find. The more talented the individuals then the more they can achieve their greatest goal of keeping the organization to the best of its operations. How they handle these changes and mostly their challenges plays a major part in the success of the organization. Looking further into the future and making plans for the changes and challenges that will occur will also help aid in the success of the organization. Health care is the one most largest organization in the world today and it will continue to

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