Essay Challenges Faced While Doing My Service Work

1475 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
Two of the biggest challenges I faced while doing my service work was dealing with some of the children’s attitudes and their resistance to doing homework. I am sure children are all the same and majority of them do not have enough energy that they desire to put into focusing on homework, but it was extremely difficult to get some of the children to really do their homework. Additionally, given that their personalities are developing in the culturally diverse borough of the Bronx, some of the kids also had very unnecessary attitudes. Interestingly enough, however, the child that made the biggest impression on me was one who gave me the most attitude. One Thursday, almost all of the children had finished their homework as it was definitely after 4 PM already, a little boy by the name of Logan walked in complaining about how he had so much homework to do. In my mind, I always laugh when the children say they have a lot of homework because it will obviously never compare to how much homework I get in college. Mr. Homesh told Logan to pick an adult to do his homework with; he picked me and instantly started demanding things of me. Naturally, I said no and that it was his homework so he needs to do it. After going back and forth, he finally got down to business and did his homework; I was just so taken aback by how demanding this little boy was and how spunky his personality was at such a young age. It is because of this one experience, as I have not seem him there since or prior…

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