Challenges Associated With Older People Working Longer Essay

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Challenges Associated With Older People Working Longer There are many different “ways in which retirement is now conceptualized: as decision making; as an adjustment process; as a career development stage; and as a human resource management concern. Indeed, retirement is increasingly seen as a reversible state rather than an end destination” (Loretto & Vickerstaff, 2015, p. 236). The driving forces that influence an older adult to continue to work or delay retirement are many, and as cited by Touhy and Jett (2016)

Obviously, health and financial status affect decisions and abilities to work or engage in new work opportunities. The baby boomers increasingly face the prospect of working longer, and 33% of this generation do not own assets and have little in savings or projected retirement income beyond Social Security. The majority of baby boomers plan to work after 65 or not retire at all” (p. 464).

The trend of older people working longer, further gets its impetus from the employers and the government, an insight that was discussed by Loretto and Vickerstaff (2015) “In the future, it is hoped that more people will work until state pension age and beyond, and indeed in many countries state pension ages are rising.” (p. 233). The older workers are aware of the current status of employment and “once out of work, it would be difficult to re-enter the labor market” (Winkelmann-Gleed, 2011, p. 81). Thus, with the employers’ offers of flexible working opportunities, older…

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