Challenges And Challenges Of Facebook Essay

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Institutional Arrangements Since Facebook’s launch, the company has been the social networking standard. This not only helped legitimize the social product through peer pressures that help to attract and retain users, but also granted Facebook a competitive advantage in an emerging market. Although the ultimate authorities governing and legitimizing norms are the society in which organization functions, the political regulation is the entity to institutionalize the system, permitting firms to operate and gain access to the resources they need27.

Facebook is unique as a company in the sense that it did not have to work hard to gain traction amongst its initial users. The program initially appealed to a wide demographic of college students by prescribing instant gratification via social information. But as the website evolved, so did its customers expectations of the program. In setting the standard for its industry, Facebook has encountered some privacy and customer concerns. Realizing that privacy is an important aspect of Facebook’s service, the company has made a conscious effort to increase security through constant infrastructure improvements and privacy settings.

Recording the highest number of monthly users out of any social media website, 900 Million9, Facebook has helped to create and impose the social media standards for its industry as a “dominant producer27.” Facebook, outdating Twitter and Snapchat, has set the standard…

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