Censorship : The Right Of Free Speech Essay examples

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Today in modern society, the right of free speech is generally regarded as an entitlement an individual has. However, this particular entitlement, which is rooted in deep-seated beliefs that anyone is qualified to emphasize anything they please, can often cause friction and overall conflict on many levels. In most cases, the use of language in mediums such as radio, television, and books are restricted by censorship to a certain extent for a variety of reasons. The central reason is mainly because there needs to be a line drawn at some point to satisfy different audiences based on what is considered appropriate or appealing. Arguably, censorship has become necessary in many situations to please specific groups of people. Nonetheless, with the utilization of censorship, essential factors such as the age group of audiences along with cultural reasoning, are some key points for contemplation.
First and foremost, the age group of an audience is a pivotal purpose as to why censorship should be taken into account for public consumption. Rationally, children are usually hindered from being able to obtain material that is otherwise regarded as unsuitable for their current stage of development and maturity. In recent times, the censoring of books has become a hot topic of debate and some people believe that it would be best to not have kids become involved with literature that could potentially be disturbing. This can be due to the fact that they have not supposedly come of age yet…

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