Essay on Censorship On The Media Should Be Censored

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Censorship on the media
In the Game Of Thrones which is a popular HBO show which shows nudity, explicit language and scenes. Do you think this entertainment should be censored ?
Do you think social media should be censored ?. They shouldn 't consore Game Of Thrones if you don 't like the explicit content change the channel if you don 't think it 's appropriate for your kids then be responsible for that yourself block the channel do something. They should not censor media parents should be responsible for what /their children watch and shouldn’t be punishing everyone.
Some people believe that social media should be censored and some sites even taken down “The media has the ability to manipulate its viewers in ways that are often unseen. That being said it is difficult to give full trust to any news or report on an event let alone base beliefs off of something that was skewed so much that it became a whole different story” (Target GD/PI).
“(Where do they think children, get the idea of shooting people) Our programming has killing, raping, and shooting in everything I see on the TV”(btshrieves). So blaming the media for killing and raping and shooting if you simply don 't want your kids to watch such things block the channels or teach them to play outside and not just let them watch TV. You should be responsible for what they watch not the government and teach them to separate fantasy from reality. I mean obviously if you see your kids watching such things you prefer it 'd…

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