Censorship Of Art And Book Censorship Essay

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Art and Book Censorship A person might look at a list of banned books from schools and wonder why. Books and art are challenged or censored because they are seen as offensive or unfit for certain age groups (Gould). Many people want to censor or ban certain books or pieces of art, but censorship isn’t the right thing to please everyone. Censorship of art and books should not be enforced because it intrudes on the rights of a person. “Censorship is when a person or group successfully imposes their values upon others by stifling words, images or ideas and preventing them from reaching the public marketplace of ideas” (Gould). This practice dates all the way back to 399 B.C. (Gould), and since then people have tried to censor things they don’t find to be acceptable for society. With art, a person can express themselves in their own way and that may include something that is not commonly seen as appropriate. Some people might not like it. It’s a similar thing with books. An author can take an idea they have and write it all out, creating something amazing and new; books are not always appropriate.
A person can view a piece of art or a book and see it in a complete different way than another person. One person can see it and appreciate it in every way and love it, while another person can see it and be completely offended and feel it should not be seen by others. While art and book censorship can help avoid offense being taken, not all people will be offended. Censorship…

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