Scared Circle Rhetorical Analysis

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In July artist Rosalie Maheux’s art “Scared Circle” got her more negative attention than intended. For many years art seems to be offending more and more people. Mostly politicians have a say in whether art should be censored or not. They seem to try to uphold a more conservative position when it comes to art that is not of the norm. Art is a way of expression and people should be able to express it in any way, shape or form.
It is sad to say that this occurs in the United States even though in our Constitution it states that each citizen has the right to freedom of expression. Artists are holding back on the art because they do not want the negative attention from the media. There still will be a bold artist who will express him or her self
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Scott also stated that the images needed to be taken down regardless of the aim or intent of the artist. Huffington Post claims that despite the John B Aird Gallery is taken by Maheux’s work. The government building is a public space operated by an independent Board of Directors so the image stays.
There is an article title “ Art should not be censored” by Dominic Cooke. He talks about how an artist should have the right to offend its audience and how the audiences have the right to be offended. He states that if conservative politicians take away that right then they are typically practicing what lord chamberlain would do back when censorship was a law. Royal Chamberlain was a senior officer of the royal household in British county. He was in charge of censoring any play or art before an audience viewed
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The article talks about the fact that many people are against censorship but this causes danger to the museum and places that exhibits offensive art. An example was the violence against the Birmingham repertory theatre because of its Behzti exhibition. This article closes with the fact that if artists are so scared to offend people then they will be scared to create very good art. Artists won’t really express their talents.
An opposing view is that the arts should be censored. An article titled “the arts should be censored” talks about how columnist Ben Shapiro argues that there should be laws that limits free artistic expression. He fears that vulgar and obscene art will become the norm and will define the culture at large. The article states that there as not been a definition that defines good art like Michelangelo’s David from garbage like Karen Finley’s body goo. The best policy that Shapiro could come up with is “allow everything in to the Artist market Place, and let history and times sort it all out.

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