Censorship And Its Influence On Society 's Freedom Of Expression At Public Schools

1156 Words Apr 15th, 2016 null Page
Book censorship has become popular in many school districts around the United States. In recents years, school districts have banned books from school’s curriculum because of the misbelief of improper moral values and explicit content that some of these books seem to portrait in its context, but are books actually being challenged because of people’s believes of offensive moral values depicted in these novels or because of the freedom of press and expression that is used by authors in these books? Book banning not has only violated American’s freedom of expression at public schools, but it has also affected libraries were book censorship have cause many books to be taken down from library shelves. Although school districts design school’s curriculum for educational purposes for students, school officials should allow students in higher level classes in high school to read this kind of books since some of these books are considered classic novels in literature. For example, one of the books affected by book banning at schools is Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. Even thought in this book there is some violence and mild language, schools board officials from different states have decided to take this novel out of school’s educational programs and libraries. Harper Lees’s book To Kill a Mockingbird should not been banned from school’s educational curriculum because of the racial inequality it displays, violence and theme, but should be grant access to those in higher…

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