Essay Censorship And Its Effects On The Song

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Imagine if you were a famous artist. You make a bunch of hit songs, but some of them have questionable language that people might not like or might take offense to. These people like the song though. Just not the language. The only problem is that the language used in the song, completes the whole song, it makes it better. With that specific language the whole song is tied together and makes the song better in general. Radio stations and others will censor it. But if someone were to put “F*** you” in their song it would be a big difference then censoring down to “Forget you” Using the word “forget” instead of the the actual “F-word”, makes a huge difference in the meaning of the song. Artists use that certain language for a reason, why should their song be changed if a couple people don’t like it?
Censorship is defined as the practice of officially examining books, movies, etc., and suppressing unacceptable parts. Censorship,though it may seem like a good idea at first glance, is really not. When something gets censored the quality of whatever is being censored decreases. For example when music is censored on the radio because of the language it uses, or for whatever reason, the song can get all choppy by taking the words out. Radio stations most of the time try to add a different word in that is “cleaner”, to try and replace the explicit content. Also when radio stations censor certain words it is taking away from the artist 's freedom of speech. Music should not be…

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