Cencor Essay

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Hi my name is Kevin Rios and I am going to talk about internet censorship. Anyone what is your favorite song of this year?. Its okay raise your hands! This massage means that you are not allowed to view all the results you wsih to see because. What was once known as a the free domain is now filtered for our protection. If you believe this issue doesnt affect you think again. According to the 2010 US consensus, there are 274.5 million americans us the internet. That means 87% of the nation uses the it daily. Now that we are all on the same page together we will look at the fact that freedom of speech would restriced by cencorship, parents responisibilty over thier childern, and previous laws have failed. The internet alows us to inform …show more content…
Programs such as NetNanny and Surf-Watch are two of many programs that provide protection against undesirable sites. There is no need for the government to do something that parents are responsible over. According to the san diego district attorney, 71% of parents stop monitoring thier childs internet usage after the age of 14. My dad didnt even know how to go on the internet unitil i started high school! The argument for Internet censorship based curruption of youth is understandable, but since adults are have the power and reposibility to monitor their childeren , access to unwanted material can be controlled without government regulations.
There have been many Internet censorship bills that have gone on through through congress, one of which was the Stop Online Piracy Act also known as SOPA. This acts focused on censoring the Internet for the entertainment industry; that is, when users post content that include music or video that they dont have rights over. It would have allowed private corporations to shut down unauthorized sites where people download movies, music, and television shows. It wiould also have given the government the power to block access to sites containing this content, sue search engines and cancel accounts andthat infringe copyrighted content. Bills like these were made to protect the properties of producers in the entertainment industry, but I think the government might take it a

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