Cell Theory And The Cell Essay

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According to the cell theory, the cell is the smallest form of life but there are many parts of a cell which allow the cell to do the job it is assigned correctly. An example of a cell would be the animal cell, which is a eukaryotic cell or a cell that contains a plasma membrane. Inside the membrane there are parts of the cell called the organelles. (Animal Cell Structure, 2005) Organelles inside the cell have specific jobs to perform for the cell, organelles include the ribosomes, vacuoles, centrioles, lysosomes, peroxisomes, cilia, flagella, mitochondria and the endoplasmic reticulum. In addition there are also three main components to any cell. These include the cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus.
The most common fluid inside the cell is the cytoplasm. The cytoplasm is contained inside the cell membrane and it surrounds all of the organelles. It is a thick solution and it is inside every single cell. Usually the cytoplasm has a majority of water, salts and proteins. The part of the cytoplasm that do not contain organelles is called the cytosol. The cytoplasm may appear to have no structure but it highly organized through the cytoskeleton, which provides the cytoplasm and the cell the structure it requires. (Cytoplasm, n.d)
One of the main parts of the cell is the nucleus which is usually located in the center of the cell in a typical animal cell as seen in Figure 1. The nucleus is dark, round and surrounded by a nuclear membrane which is selectively permeable. (Cell…

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