Cell Phones : The Age Of Technology Essay

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Introduction Today’s society can be referred to as the “age of technology.” With the many new technology advancements and inventions, today’s society has become technically savvy. People of different age groups, backgrounds, and professions have experienced using various forms of technology. From televisions, music playing devices, tablets, video games, and laptop computers, technology has greatly affected and influenced today’s society. Among the new and evolving technologies of today is the cell phone.
History of Cellphones Over the years, the model of cell phones have evolved. With this evolution of cell phone, the number of users has also increased. Many years ago, the cell phone was known as the “car phone.” This device was unlike today’s modern cell phones. It was extremely large and inconvenient to carry. However, in 1983, Motorola created a phone that was much easier to carry, and was considered the first mobile phone. Still, at this point, cell phones had not yet be used by the general public. This phone was extremely expensive, and was mainly used in the business world and as a pop culture symbol. As technology advanced, cell phone companies discovered ways to include the features requested by customers, and make cell phones smaller, portable, and more affordable. In the beginning, cell phones were mainly used for talking, but gradually features like voicemail were added. Cell phone companies eventually discovered ways to integrate other technologies into…

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