Cell Phones And Its Effects On The Classroom Essays

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Cellphones in the Classroom Cell phones have caused controversy in the class room since they became small enough to conceal in a pocket. At first, cellular devices were outlawed form the classroom altogether, but now are allowed on certain accounts. Some schools have already implemented plans to allow the phones in class and on campus. No matter the measures, the issue almost always seems to flare up more problems than positive outcomes. Although there is problems with having a cell phone in class, the phones can be helpful in many ways when “baby steps” are taken into effect. A important way that phones could be useful is that it can help with organization. Students can use available apps on phones to organize their schedules. They can use their calendar to set hard times and deadlines on school material and practices. Chances are, the students will have messages and pictures of assignments and notes on their phone, which they could easily transfer to paper or a printer if need arises .There could also be group email chats that would allow teachers to contact their students as a whole to update deadlines and assignments. These group chats could be made public to allow administration to ensure the conversations stay professional. This could also help coaches keep in contact with their athletes. Ken Halla, a 22 year teaching veteran, said that the app Remind101 helped his students to stay on tract and organized. He also said he was “stunned by how many more students…

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