Cell Phones And Its Effects On Society Essay

1412 Words Dec 9th, 2015 6 Pages
Cell phones have a huge impact on this day and age and on this society. (1) People use high tech gadgets like cell phones every day, “cell phones seem to be carried everywhere we go” (4), but people don’t seem to realize the harmful effects on their bodies or on the environment. Cell phones have not only been noticed for their awesome applications and capabilities, but for their harmful attributes as well. Although cell phones have beneficial capabilities; the harmful effects are greater.
One of the most controversial topics is cell phones and how they are associated with school. (5) Basically, the argument is that cell phones are either a distraction, or can serve as a helpful tool for students. (5) A student is left at school for six to seven hours, and with a cell phone a parent can keep track of their child as long as that child is carrying a cell phone with them at all times. (5) Cell phones can serve as a safety purpose for students to reach their parents or guardians during emergencies. (5) Cell phones contain many helpful applications such as calculators for math or internet for research that can make school work much simpler. (5)
Cell phones can serve as a beneficial tool considering that they are used correctly. (5) Although one downside to that theory is that students do abuse cell phones and sometimes phones serve as a distraction; leaving kids losing their concentration at school to text messaging. (5) With today’s upgrades, social media has made its way onto…

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