Essay on Celebrities ' Celebrities On Social Media

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Celebrities on Social Media “Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are where stars go to be made and where dying stars go live again” (Allen). Since the Internet has appeared, the music industry has been majorly impacted. Celebrities are now able to gain exposure and fans, and can also use social media to connect with their fans and stay famous. They are able to get more exposure and promote themselves to help their careers. They also can use their fame for other purposes such as charities. The Internet helps celebrities to raise awareness to whatever they may want. Celebrities’ careers have been enhanced by gaining exposure and fame due to increased use of social media.
Social media allows anyone to become famous but also keeps present and past celebrities famous too. Aspiring artists may use social media to gain more fame. D-List actor Tyrese Gibson uses social media to get the role of the next Green Lantern by gaining several fans and likes online. “The retweet, apparently, is the new audition” (Allen). Gibson receives several retweets and likes which contributes to his fame. This fame could be used to receive the role as the Green Lantern. Gibson is considered a celebrity just because of the career he gains from social media. Older celebrities are also able to remain in the spotlight due to social media. Cyndi Lauper is a singer that still remains famous forty years after her career. Social media creates bigger fan bases which in return creates fame for older celebrities.…

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