Cbt Clinic Case Study

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2. Anxiety & Cognitive Behavioral Consultation Clinic
Psychologists at the CBT clinic specialize in child and adolescent anxiety and other mood issues. The clinic utilizes model of Co-location . Common referral reasons include adherence and compliance issues, behavioral problems, depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances. Children presenting these problems are often seen by physicians, nurses, and social workers prior to being evaluation by psychologists. Mental health is not the only issue these children present with, however. In addition to providing care for individuals with mood disorders, psychologists within the CBT clinic frequently collaborate with the Department of Pediatrics, including the Divisions of Gastrointestinal, Neurology,
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Like other clinics noted, providers within the Tourette’s clinic note the pediatricians’ lack of training with mental health, along with a lack of exposure to psychiatric patients, during their resident training. In addition, pediatricians may have an inadequate level of psychotropic medication knowledge, especially when compared to other mental health providers. Knowledge of this type of medication is imperative, especially when a pediatrician leaves residency and encounters patients actively receiving psychiatric treatment. A final obstacle facing the clinics is communication. Physicians state that communication is lacking between all facets of the clinic, from the physicians to the family. Physicians are currently working on improving these issues at hand; however, one facet that providers take pride in is their ability to know their patient. In other words, physicians are able to get a comprehensive outlook on their patient while working with them. This allows the physician-patient relationship to grow throughout …show more content…
The AACAP’s priority is to improve the access of mental health services for children, adolescents, and their families. A more communicative and coordinated relationship between the pediatric home and mental health providers is necessary in all child systems including schools and juvenile justice systems. At the Penn State Hershey Medical Center, this is being achieved by adjusting models to fit pediatricians and patient need with the use of the all spectrums and levels of integration . Regular feedback from providers patient and trainees is need to insure wuality of care for patient positive experience for provided and valuable educational experience for

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