Causes Of Underage Drinking

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A 19 year old sophomore in college was drinking with his friends, while under the influence. The 19 year old and his friends thought it 'd be a good idea to get in a car and drive around. A police car randomly pulled out behind them late at night, noticed something suspicious, and pulled them over. This was now the 19 year olds second offense of underage drinking and although he was not operating the vehicle, he lost his license for 15 months. He also now had something that would be on his permanent record. Underage drinking no matter if someone were to be drinking at 19 or 16, is a crime that occurs frequently in America. Many teenagers will be peer pressured into drinking and seduced by the advertisement of alcohol products. Underage drinking is a large problem in the United States, causing many accidents, leads to numerous, horrible, uncontrollable actions, and negatively affects the future of young teens. The rates of underage drinking in the United States are horrendous and teenagers are constantly putting themselves at risk when doing so. Very unfortunate and unintelligent actions occur while drinking at a young age and any …show more content…
drink alcohol, but some do so more heavily than others. They feel the need to drink a lot because they figure they aren 't able to drink that often, so when they do, they consume a lot. Not only are high schoolers binge drinking in one night or sitting, many high schoolers drink in general. "Nearly three quarter of students (72%) have consumed alcohol (more than just a few sips) by the end of high school, and more than a third (37%) have done so by eighth grade" ("FAQ 's and Statistics"). This is an astonishing percentage especially the fact that more than one third of kids by the end of elementary school have consumed alcohol. People tend to think drinking rarely occurs in grade school, yet it does occur that early. The earlier drinking occurs in a person the worse off that person will be down the

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