Causes Of The Reign Of Terror

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When does the justified become the inexcusable? The Reign of Terror was a period in which the innocent people of France could be executed for having a controversial opinion from a government that prided itself on the natural rights it was offering these people. Murdering half a million to save a government structure that is supposed to be dependent on the people cannot be excused as a mere sacrifice to save the revolution. The revolutionary government that was presiding over France was going against the very ideals it stood for to save itself from counterrevolutionary revolts. The revolutionary government had become blind by fear of the monarchy so much so that an absolute monarch had already arisen, Maximlien Robespiere, who would send to …show more content…
The new face of the absolue monarch was Maximillien Robespierre. Although he claimed to be a revolutionary leader, his tatics of governing gave him absolute control with no power check. “We must smother the internal and external eneimes of the Republic or perish…” (Document G). With the power granted to Robespierre ny The Committtee of Public Safety, he could send all of his enemies to the guillotine, which he did. Robespierre had become an absolute monarch without the title, murdering all those who opposed him and justifying it by reasoning that it was for the sake of the revolution. The revolutionary government had untimately become an absolute monarch, one worse than before, but was too blind to notice. The death of Robespierre had marked the end of The Reign of Terror. The violent acts of the revolutionary government did abolish the absolute monarchy in France and soon after the death of Robespierre, begin to regain the ideals that once founded it. However, the countless slaughter of innocent civilians, the loss of human rights, and the acts of Robespierre is an unnecessary price that was paid for The Reign of Terror cannot be justified by the stable government that

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