Irish Catholic Immigrants In America

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"Every ethnic minority, in seeking its own freedom, helped strengthen the fabric of liberty in American life” -John F. Kennedy. The Irish immigrants did exactly so when they faced the obstacle of having to come to the United States. In 1740, the Irish faced famine and persecution, forcing them to immigrate to the United States in hope of better opportunities, but instead were discriminated against their Catholic practices. The Protestant Reformation was a conflict for the Irish Catholics but led them to fight for their rights, causing the first amendment and other religious compromises to be made.
The Protestant Reformation was a political, educational, and religious disruption that challenged the Catholics beliefs and practices. The
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One well known Irish Catholic immigrant, Mother Jones, has helped immigrants who struggled with their new living conditions, their past lives, and helped them succeed in their new jobs, including Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and President John F. Kennedy. Many Irish immigrants have been dramatically changed after coming to America, just as they have influenced the American culture. One holiday we have adopted from the Irish is St. Patrick’s Day, which is also a day to honor the Irish Catholic immigrants, the discrimination that they faced when coming to America, and all they have contributed to the society. In summary, the Irish Catholics immigrants have greatly affected the society that stands today, and will forever be remembered in America’s …show more content…
In March of 2012, Barack Obama announced to all, how the Irish, “whose strength helped build countless miles of canals and railroads; whose brogues echoed in mills, police stations, and fire halls across our country; and whose blood spilled to defend a nation and a way of life they helped define. Defying famine, poverty, and discrimination, these sons, and daughters of Erin demonstrated extraordinary strength and unshakable faith as they gave their all to help build an America worthy of the journey they and so many others have taken” (How Irish Immigrants Overcome Discrimination in America.) Overall, the Irish Catholics have greatly impacted religious rights today, and have taught others that there is no such thing as giving

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