Causes of Burnout Essay

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Weekly DQ

Week 1 DQ 1

Think about the human service organizations with which you are familiar, possibly including the ones at which you have done your field placement. Do you feel the organization managed itself well? This is tuff for me I have not worked in an organization like this before so I will cover the location my sister in law Christy Cardona works at. After interviewing her I have established the organization is lacking in the managing itself. The main concern is the lack of accountability, therapists, and lack of time to get weekly agenda like home base, center, and community time completed. How might it improve its effectiveness? I believe that the manager of the center needs to recognize the hard workers the ones that
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Frequently in managing the people element of their business senior managers will only focus on one or two dimensions and neglect to deal with the others. Typically, companies reorganize their structures to free managers from bureaucracy and drive for more entrepreneurial flair but then fail to adjust their training or reward systems.
Week 2 DQ 1
Must every program have clearly defined services and procedures that are based on best practices, or must workers be able to decide what to do with clients based on their own professional judgment and experience? Defend your answer. Strategic planning should be used with serious attention to its limitations and pitfalls. A sobering finding from one study was that many agencies engaged in strategic planning only because their funders required it. From another perspective, O’Looney asserts that strategic planning has been ineffective in the human service field and “frustrating” for public-sector managers because local governments can use tactical planning to improve “at the margins” but don’t have the discretion to truly choose

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