Causes Of Binge Drinking For College Students Essay examples

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The Causes of binge drinking for college students Over the past year 78% of teenager’s binge drink alcohol in America today. Out of that percentage 43% said they drink at least twelve drinks every month. But in 1990 that number was only at 68%. So the question is what are the causes that grew the percentage of binge drinking in college students? It can factor down into many different reasons. Social norm or “fitting in”, it is easy to obtain, and peer pressure. These causes can all be brought up to the rise in binge drinking in American college/ high school students and even can be very dangerous to the students safety while they are in school. It’s not hard to believe that alcohol now-a-days is easy to get. It could be obtained by an older family member or friend just by asking. Most people just give the student what they want with no questions. Even family members don’t check up on them the morning after or even that night to check if they are safe or not. The fact that they don’t check up on that person can be a remote cause to the problem, by not checking up that gives the teenager the impression that no one will know what happens to them so they don’t care either. That can cause irresponsible choices such as drinking and driving. Another way it is easy to access alcohol is by simply buying it yourself. Even if the student is under the age limit there is not always a good chance the store selling the alcohol is going to check the I.D…

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