Causes And Effects Of Sleep Deprivation Essay

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Causes and Effects of Sleep Deprivation
Sleep can be defined as an obligatory period of physical and mental relaxation, where consciousness, thought, and voluntary movements stop and sporadic dreaming occurs. No one knows why or how humans and other animals sleep, but it is certain that the type of sleep influences quality, quantity, and the effectiveness of wakeful mental and physical activities (Thompson 1). Daytime languor, due to sleep deprivation is a major complication for fifty percent of college students as compared to thirty six percent of adults. An expansive, sixty percent of students have reported being sleepy, dragging, and tired at a minimum of three days per week (Hershner 3). Inadequate sleep hygiene is the most common cause of sleep deprivation, along with the consumption of alcohol and energy drinks, and use of technology. Motivation, working and long term memory, GPA, and personal health are all put at risk when a person does not receive adequate amounts of sleep. There is an impressive inventory of causes and negative effects of sleep deprivation, albeit there are also numerous sleep disorders that are able to arise from lack of sleep (Hershner 3). Even though they are not typically considered a threat to academic performance, compromised learning, impaired mood, and physical activities the causes and effects of sleep deprivation are serious problems for billions of people around the world. The term "sleep hygiene" is defined as the behaviors, routines,…

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