Oil Spillage Cause

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Oil Spillage
A devastated man-made environmental disaster is an oil spillage in the ocean . An oil spill is a release of a liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into environment due to human activity like boats above oil pipes or rigs and its a form of pollution. Other form of oil spillage is marine oil spillage ,where oil is release into the ocean or coastlines. Oil spills is a release of crude oil from tankers, pipelines offshore platforms,drilling rigs. Spills may take months or years to clean up and very expensive. Oil Spills are a form of pollution.
The causes of oil spillage are very different. Oil accidents happen by pipelines leaking. Other ways the oil spills are caused are people making mistakes not being responsible and careless,equipment
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the cause of this oil spill was an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon offshore oil platform about 50 miles of the Mississippi River according to (The Encyclopedia of Earth,2013). Eleven out of one hundred twenty six workers a search and rescue operation began for them, the rest of the worker were safely evacuated. On the day of april 23,2010 the eleven missing workers were presumed dead by the U.S Coast Guard and ended the search for the missing workers. After trying to fix the leaking problem the efforts failed. The Deepwater Horizon owned by Transocean Ltd, had a contract with BP (British Petroleum) to drill out an exploratory well. After the explosion the sinking platform caused crude oil to make its way out of the 5,000 foot …show more content…
Oil spill is consider a form of pollution. When a oil spill happens, the crude oil does not dissolve in water and this causes harm to marine wildlife like fish, dolphins, sea otters, and sea birds. The main that oil causes to bird is oil getting stuck in their feathers preventing them from flying leading them helpless and also the main problem to aquatic plants is light not being able to get to the plants due to the oil floating in the water. Many people volunteer or donate money to those who help clean and wash marine animals due to oil pollution. When an oil spill happens the first responders are environmental organizations,search and rescue team to find missing people, and oil recovery teams. These first responders do the best they can to reduce human and animal casualties and help prevent oil pollution problems from escalating. So always remember if you are working on a rig be careful dont cause an oil spill because it will affect mother nature as we know it. A oil spill may take weeks, months or even years to recover and no one want to hear politicians talk about how a pollution such as oil spill is affecting the people economically. A OIL SPILL is a serious thing not to play

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