Causes And Effect Of Drug Abuse Essay

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Causes of drug abuse

There are many factors and causes of drug abuse in society. This paper will focus on the causes of drug abuse in teenagers. Research has shown that the main causes of drug abuse in teenagers are from genetics, environmental factors, trauma during childhood, mental disorders, peer pressure and personality traits. Firstly, Drug abuse is often credited to a lack of willpower or self-control, meaning that people who have addictions make decisions to participate in drug usage. However, Tamara and Roleff believe that some forms of drug addiction and abuse have their origins deep in the cells of the people who use the drugs. The American Psychological Association, for example, states that about half of a person’s tendency toward drug addiction can be blamed on genetic influences.

The role genes play in drug abuse are difficult to understand however, research by the American Psychological Association has shown that genes have been linked to an increase the elated feelings towards drugs, a decrease in the ability to feel the negative responses to drugs and a quick reaction to the drugs.

Any of these genetic factors could make drugs a little more attractive, and these factors could also make an addiction slightly more difficult to overcome. For people who have these issues, drug use could be influenced by the person’s basic biology. The genes might not make the person experiment with drugs, but when the person does begin to dabble, the person could soon…

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