Essay on Causes And Consequences Of The Vaccine

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Fear cripples. It is an emotion that, if not addressed, can wreak havoc resulting in many unwanted consequences. Fear can rock the core of the human spirit, blazing a path of destruction and possibly warranting a swath of poor choices. When people make choices based on fear, it is probable that these choices may not be the best, most thoroughly thought out, decisions. There are many cases in society and throughout history where a series of negative consequences occurred due to a decision made based on fear. More specifically though, a modern parallel is the situation with the views concerning the use of vaccines. To give some background, what exactly is a vaccine? A majority of the public possesses some knowledge of this medical phenomenon: a dormant strain of a disease or virus is injected into the body. In response to this strain, the immune system creates antibodies, our natural defenders, which fight against the targeted virus. Interestingly, the mind-blowing aspect of the vaccine is the thinking behind it— the purposeful administration of the very disease that you are trying to prevent may seem like lunacy and for a very high proportion of vaccinated folks, they will now be immune to the disease. Ultimately our bodies develop a response to the pathogen that can destroy an infection before it becomes a detriment. Yet the sides consenting to its use are not unanimous. On one hand, many doctors, scientists, and medical experts feel extremely convicted in favor of the value…

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