Causes And Consequences Of Elderly Abuse Essay

1702 Words Nov 30th, 2014 null Page
What is elderly abuse? Elderly abuse occurs when physical,emotional, financial, sexual, or psychological abuse is perpetrated on an elderly individual. As each year falters to an end at least four million elderly American will have experienced some form of abuse (American). Who commits these crimes? Why do they commit them? Do they have long lasting effects? Where is this abuse most likely to occur? All of these questions must be understood to begin the processes of preventing elderly abuse. Elderly has many causes, has long lasting effects, and by taking the right steps can be prevented.
Although elderly abuse does occasionally occur in nursing homes and elderly care facilities its most common place is within our own homes. There are many causes for elder abuse. It is not as simple as A=B therefore C occurs. It is far more complex with multiple factors to take into account. Occasionally abuse that happens toward an elderly individual is simply a continuation of violence that had already been occurring in the home. For example if a spouse has been abused through most of their marriage the abuse will not end simply because they are older and now frail or if the abusing partner becomes frail the old victim may use the time to exert revenge abuse. This is true for children as well, although most of the time abused children will become attentive care takers, they may also view this as an opportunity for revenge withholding food or even over medicating. More often then not…

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