Teen Pregnancies Should Be Avoided

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Teen pregnancies should be avoided because it causes physical problems, emotional problems, and loss of teenagers own childhood .Statistics say thousands of teenagers in the U.S have unprotected sex each day. These Statistics is not only surprising, it is also preventable. Many teens are sexually active now in 2016 .More teens are having sex and not protecting themselves and if you don’t protect yourself there are lots of consequences like pregnancy . During the pregnancy of teenager there are physical problems that can occur. The mother of the unborn child should get a lot of nutrition to try to make the body healthy .Teens should also make sure they take their prenatal care because some babies can turn out premature. Teens that are pregnant may have to have a C- section because of their age .Once you are pregnant you can’t get no way out .The only ways you will be out is abortion .If you don’t get an abortion the second thing is adoption. Abortions can also affect your body there are many risks .Physical problems can be really hard but emotionally its plays a big part in teenagers life during pregnancies. Teens usually get stretch marks during pregnancies and also …show more content…
There are not many pros but there is many cons. Teens are losing their childhood when they are pregnant. Teens may start leaving or neglecting the baby because they want to go party. Therefore the teen, may grow away from the baby because she is getting tired and annoyed. Teens also may get tired of the baby because she can’t see her friends. It also cost money to take care a baby. It is expensive to raise a baby. Teens who do not have full-time employment may struggle to cover the basic expenses of life upon having a baby. I don’t know why teens don’t listen but I think it better to wait till have babies .The rate in Alabama is very high .You can walk into a school and see teens with baby bumps .Some teens be happy and it’s

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