Cause And Effects Of Smoking Essay

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Every individual has bad habits. Whether it is biting your nails or smoking, habits such as these can be harmful to your body which causes severe difficulties in the future for you, and sometimes, those around you. Not all habits can be harmful to our bodies, for example washing your hands after handling raw meat is a good habit that leads to preventing infection; however, smoking is extremely dangerous for every individual involved directly, as well as indirectly.
“Smoking causes more deaths each year than the following causes combined: human immunodeficiency virus HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries, and firearm-related incidents” (Health Effects). Nearly all of the most horrific diseases in the world are widely related
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There are various harmful substances found in cigarettes, such as ammonia, arsenic, lead, and formaldehyde, which have all been deemed dangerous for internal consumption and are poisonous (What 's in a Cigarette). Out of the seven-thousand chemicals that make up a cigarette, fifty-one of the ingredients are known to be carcinogenic, which means they have been proven to cause cancer. In 1987, the United States banned all household products, such as toys, paint, and plastic, containing lead because it is highly toxic if consumed (Toys). Yet, lead is one of the many horrendous ingredients found in cigarettes and people continue to inhale it every single time they smoke. How can the United States keep cigarettes on the market after banning many other products containing lead? Unfortunately, that is an easy question to answer. Money. In the United States, one pack of cigarettes costs $5.51, which is already a hefty amount to pay for a product that ruins your organs. Each pack has a total of twenty cigarettes inside. The average smoker will smoke about one pack a day. After doing the math, the cost of smoking starts to add up very quickly. $5.51 per day adds up to approximately $38.57 per week, around $154.28 per month, and $1,851.36 per year! The amount of money that the U.S. makes from cigarette smokers is appalling and is also the reason why cigarettes have not been banned even though it has been scientifically proven that cigarettes are extremely dangerous to, not only smokers, but everyone around them as

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