Essay about Cause And Effect Of Smoking

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Tragically losing a loved one can be a damaging experience. Losing my grandfather two years ago took a large toll on me. He was the best grandfather I could have ever asked for. I knew I could always confide in him when I needed to the most. He died from many different diseases revolving around his poor addiction to cigarettes for the majority of his life. He had smoked since his early teens all the way into his sixties. Having this unsavory habit caused him to have heart, lung, and respiratory problems that no one should have to deal with. His pain and passing really proved to me the repercussions of how terrible smoking is, what it can do to your body, and the horrible outcome of smoking.
Ever since I was a little girl, my grandfather and I were always inseparable. From the time I received my first cell phone as a birthday present, to the time he passed, I would call him every week just to talk, say hello, and make an obligation to see my grandparents. I withhold the fondest memories growing up with him; cooking, baking, building, and having the most enjoyable time spent by his side. Any time my grandfather had a new project going on, he would inevitably invite me to help him. I recall the times helping him build a shed in his backyard, repair the swing set all of the grandchildren played on, and small things like chairs and tables. He really taught me to be creative and innovative when faced with my problems. In addition, he, my grandmother, and I were covered in flour…

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