Terrorism: Cybercrime In The United States

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Americans have laid cheek and jowl with terrorism for many years, especially since the events of September 11, 2001. While terrorism is usually concerned with bombings, kidnappings or hijackings, some forms of terrorism are much more costly regarding monetary expense. It is estimated that cyber terrorism costs the consumers at least 100 billion dollars a year, although that is only a rough estimate. Company costs for cybercrime can come from the following areas: loss of intellectual property or confidential information, service interruptions that prevent businesses from conducting business on the Internet, damage to business or personal reputations, adding networks, and insurance and recovery to thwart cybercrime (McAfee4). This paper will discuss aspects of cyber …show more content…
Terrorism does not exist in a vacuum—the terrorists’ aim is to instill terror or fear in a wider audience. For example, terrorists who were opposed to Israel’s statehood kidnapped and murdered members of the Israeli Olympic team at the Munich Olympics in 1972. While the immediate target of the terrorists’ actions were the members of the Israeli national team, the secondary target was the millions of people watching the Olympics on television, and the millions of Jewish or Israeli citizens worldwide (Reeve 5).

Fear from terrorism can be from the threat of physical harm or death, financial downfalls, or the threat of injury that may create psychological problems for its victims, even if the violence never happens. Terrorism is designed to produce an extreme reaction, and prevent people from going about their daily activities or business (Faber 5). While terrorism can do lots of damage to humans and infrastructure, cyber terrorism can do a great deal more damage to millions more people, because the world is becoming even more connected to the Internet.

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